About Lori Vertin

Lori grew up in Southern California and graduated from the United States Military Academy (West Point) in 1982. She was commissioned a military intelligence officer and served with XVIII ABN Corps (Fort Bragg, NC), 82d ABN Div (Fort Bragg, NC) and 42d FA Bde (Germany). She holds a master’s degree in early childhood special education and an administrative endorsement in educational supervision. She currently works as the marketing director for Ver-Tech Labs, Rockford, MN.

Lori’s “first” koi pond was a 50 gallon plastic liner from the local hardware store. She began to learn about water quality, koi varieties, koi breeders and the AKJA judging program. With her husband, Tony, they have learned to be better koi keepers with the help of their local koi club and the koi community at large. They maintained a 5000 gal pond and 12000 gal pond in Minnesota. She has been an active participant in the Upper Midwest Koi Club serving as secretary, president, koi show chair and at large board member.

Lori has relocated to North Carolina and will be building a new koi pond in 2021/2022. Lori maintains a website www.carolinakoilady.com which documents koi keeping in Minnesota and North Carolina.