Request for Judges

  1. AKJA judges voluntarily travel to koi shows at their own expense. Requests for koi show judges should be made as far in advance as possible. Many of our judges need to schedule time off from work and ensure there are no other conflicting commitments.
    • Information such as the koi show itinerary, transportation to/from the local airport should provided to the judges 30 days in advance of the show
    • Contact information for individuals whom the judges can contact regarding any details should be provided to the judges 60 days in advance of the show.
  2. Shows may contact any Certified/Senior Certified judge directly to request that they judge a specific show. Candidate and Student judges must be appointed through the certification committee. Candidate and Student judges may not function as a head judge for a koi show. If you would like to request a candidate or student judge, or are having difficulty securing a judging team, please complete the form below.