About Troy Head

KOI CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Greater Louisville Koi & Goldfish Society (Current President & Former Vice-President), Northern Midwest ZNA (Regional Representative) and member of the Gateway Koi & Pond Club.

KOI POND: 8000 gallon with skimmer and two bottom drains. Bottom drains feed a 250 gal settlement chamber, then to a Nexus 310 filter. Water returns through a UV sterilization unit and a chamber of Japanese filter matting before re-entering the pond. A protein tower is used for additional filtration.

KOI INTEREST: Has been koi keeping since 1999.

HOBBY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Koi person of the Year (GLK&GS). GLK&GS show chair since 2010. Has volunteered with Bio-Security, Benching and Koi Handling duties at numerous shows in the United States. Has done presentations on various koi related topics to koi/goldfish clubs. Contributed several articles to KoiUSA and editor of the GLK&GS newsletter for eight years.

KOI AWARDS: Has won Grand Champion and Grand Champion “B” a total of twelve times, along with six Reserve Grand Champion awards. Has also won Mature Champion “B”, Young Champion and Baby Champion at various shows across America.

KOI JUDGING EXPERIENCE: Entered the AKJA judging program in 2010. Has judged shows from coast to coast including Washington D.C., Florida, Michigan, California and many other states.