About Ray Alexander

I started in the Koi hobby in 1996 with a small pond of about 1500 gallons.  My wife and I began traveling to Koi shows in 2000 where I was able to ask questions and really piqued my interest in this hobby.  When we moved to our new home, I built a 10,000 gallon pond in 2005, utilizing all the information and knowledge I had gained from talking to so many hobbyists and vendors at the Shows.  My first membership to a Koi organization was the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club (MAKC) in 1999 and I began helping with their Koi Show, Koi America, whether it be setting up the show site, benching, bowling or tearing down.  Since then I have also volunteered and helped at many other Koi Shows.  Attending AKCA Seminars in Jacksonville, San Diego and Nashville and ZNA Enlightenment Weekends added to my knowledge base.  I was President of the Michigan Koi and Pond Club from 2008-2018, Vice-President for 2 years before that and have been Koi Person of the Year for the MKPC.  In 2012, the MKPC along with the IKONA Koi Club, held the first Koi Show in Michigan.  I have served as Chair or Co-Chair of every MKPC Show.

Achievements – Entered the AKJA Judge Program as a Candidate Judge in 2014, became a Certified AKJA Judge in 2017. I have also entered the ZNA Judging program in 2019.  My wife and I have received a number of awards from various Koi Shows, from Grand Champion to Best in Variety, Judges Award and President’s Award.  

Koi Clubs – I am an active member of the Northern Midwest ZNA club since 2014 which is now my home club, have been a member of the Michigan Koi and Pond Club since 2005 and a member of the Gateway Koi & Pond Club.