About Katy Shanafelt

Katy Shanafelt installed her first pond at her parents house in 1993 when they were away on vacation. Many ponds later she has learned the ins and outs of pond building and koi keeping by trial and error and by joining several koi clubs. She is a member of the Washington Koi and Water Garden Society, the Oregon Koi and Water Garden Society, the Rocky Mountain Koi Club and is President of the Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society. She has two ponds- a 700 gallon natural QT pond and 5000 gallon dedicated koi pond. She uses a bottom fed matala settlement chamber, bead filter, UV filter, baki shower and bog filter to keep her fish happy and healthy. Katy was recognized as the PNKCA Bronze Koi recipient for her work in the koi community in 2021. She is CKK certified and serves as her club’s koi health adviser and AKCA representative. She has co-chaired the Idaho Water Garden and Koi Society Koi show for three years and creates the club’s monthly newsletter. As a teacher, Katy loves to share knowledge and to always keep growing by staying a student of life and of koi.