About Gerald Ellison

Born in Japan and grew up in Taiwan; Gerald has always had an affinity towards Koi.  When Gerald had an opportunity to finally build a pond 5 years ago, he seized the opportunity, and thus his Koi hobbyist journey began.  Incorporating many learned lessons, Gerald has built his second pond leveraging modern mechanical filters with trickle showers servicing a 3000 plus gallon pond which has allowed him to enjoy the experiences of Koi development, health, and growth.  

Gerald is constantly amazed at how many great people he meets through this hobby and is always aiming to pay it forward to help the next generation of Koi enthusiasts.  This is one of the main reasons why he contributes to this hobby as a candidate judge whereas part of AKJA help educate and advocate for Koi and pond keeping.  

He is a technologist by profession and is constantly fascinated with new technologies that enhance our lives and leveraging that to make the Koi hobby simpler, faster, and easier.  Creator of GKoi channel on Facebook, Gerald aims to provide the community Koi community simple and intuitive videos on Koi hobby.