About David Young

I have been in the Koi hobby since the early 90’s. Currently I have a 16000 gallon Koi pond and a 3000 gallon Koi pond. I am a member of the Southern Arizona Koi Association in Tucson, AZ. As a club member I have held various leadership positions and have been the chairman for different events and shows. Along with going to shows as a judge I have traveled to many shows to show, help with any aspect of the show and run the show computer.

In 2000 I joined the AKCA judging program and was certified in 2004, when the AKJA was formed I became certified with them as well. Koi judging has taken me all over the US and since retiring I have been to the Netherlands twice for judging and attended the 50th All Japan Koi Show in 2019. I have also made the trip to Japan for purchasing Koi.