About Robert Wicker

Robert started his first koi pond in 2006 with a gravel bottom and some very nice butterfly koi. In 2010, the pond was modified to 4000 gallons with a bottom drain. His goal was to raise large koi in a small space. To date his largest koi is a 100cm Kohaku.

Robert became an AKJA certified koi judge in 2017 and is currently a student judge in the ZNA judging program. He has written and presented on diverse topics such as kinginrin, pheromones and koi herpes virus. His articles have been published in Nichirin, Koi USA and the Nishikigoi Yearbook.

Robert lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a physician practicing obstetrics and gynecology since 1991. He and his wife, Suzanna have raised three boys and currently dote upon their two dogs, Milo and Moose.