About Pam Spindola

Pam Spindola, from Santa Ana, CA  is an AKJA Senior Certified Judge currently serving on the AKJA Certification Committee.  She has been a  hobbyist since 1976 and a longtime active member of the Southern California Chapter of ZNA.  In the 70’s, she and her husband were part of the small committee which founded the national koi association, AKCA and is a former editor of the national publication, KOI USA.  In addition, she has also contributed numerous articles to gardening periodicals as well as koi publications, both hard copies and online. Many of her articles are on http://www.watergardenersinternational.org website. She was a contributing author for the book, “The Ultimate Koi”, published in the U.K.   As a hobbyist, she continues to enter koi competitions and enjoys caring for her two koi ponds. 

Pam served in the Peace Corps in Bogotá, Colombia, has taught high school  for 37 years and community college Spanish.  She is now enjoying  being  a docent at a local museum, as well as participating in the koi hobby, judging  koi shows around the country and internationally. The best part of the hobby is meeting hobbyists of diverse backgrounds  sharing a common interest – koi.