About Joe White

Joe became a candidate judge in 2001. Since that time he has judged in many shows across the USA and shows in Holland, Brazil, and Colombia. Joe is a charter member of the American Koi Judges Association serving as the newsletter editor, treasurer, and as a member of the judge committee. Currently, Joe and his wife, Sherri, live in Gainesville, Florida where they enjoy their 16,000 gallon koi pond and participating in the Gainesville Koi and Pond Club. The Whites have been active koi show participants. They have enjoyed many years helping at the Central Florida Koi Show held in Orlando. Joe and Sherri were founding members of the Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club and the ZNA Southern Koi Association. Other than judging koi shows, Joe’s interests are water quality, koi health, and koi pond construction and filtration.

Email: jwkoi@aol.com