About Gary Elmore

I started this Hobby 17 years ago with a 300  gallon goldfish pond.  Went to a friend’s home that had a formal koi pond and it was all over. Started digging the next day and 7 ponds later I have not quite finished. I have a backyard farm and do one or two spawnings a year. At the time I am down to around 200 fish which is a 5 year low for my wife and I. Currently we have three ponds connected into one system for about 11,000 gal, a 2000 gallon goldfish/tosai pond and 4 QT/growout tanks.

My wife uses the word obsessed and she may be right.  We started with koi health and became KHA’s at the 2008 AKCA seminar. Next we volunteered to work on a local koi farm, now The KOI Store, every  weekend for about 3 years.  And then when I wanted to learn more about koi quality I joined the Judging program about 8 years ago. I have now judged about 25 shows and have enjoyed every one of them.  I get to see great koi, and meet the nicest people all over the country.  I always consider it a great honor to judge everyone’s koi, no matter how small or large a show may be.